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Financial Plan

Money planning is The most important point of a business plan.

Is an indication of how much debt our business is capable of? Make this section the most important. Entrepreneurs / business owners Should explain what money will be used to spend? In order for the bank to consider the credit and assess whether the loan can be approved or not Therefore, entrepreneurs must prepare financial plans carefully and clearly. The important parts that entrepreneurs must have in writing a business plan are as follows:


     Financial assumptions It determines revenue - expenses. Of the project / or business such as production cost, product sales, sales promotion fee, interest expense, depreciation, inventory, trade accounts receivable and accounts payable.



     Financial projections analyze various financial statements related to our business is the income statement which shows the income expenses and profits. Also known as a statement that shows the business's performance over a period of time. Subsequently, the balance sheet is a statement showing the status of the business. Both assets final liabilities and equity are the cash flow statements. Is a statement that shows the company's financial changes both cash and other assets that are equal to cash.

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