About Us

Eve Global Trade Company Limited

Has been established in the form of a limited company. It has filed for registration with 

the Department of Business Development.

Ministry of Commerce No. 0105555030184 on 24 Feb. 2012

With a registered capital of 2,000,000 baht (two million baht), 100% fully paid.

With the objective of operating the business as follows.

1. Business Services EvE Business Services

2.Real Estate Services EvE Property Services

3.Produce and sell under the brand "Khanom Thai Chujai" KanomthaiChujai

                            *Crispy pastries Snack

                            *Ready to eat Frozen Dessert (Ready to eat Frozen Dessert)

                            *Franchise Kanomthai Chujai KanomthaiChujai


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