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A good business plan must consist of important parts:

Executive Summary for executives or reviewers of plans

get to know the overall of the project and return on investment.


A good business plan must consist of the following important parts.


  1. Executive Summary for executives or plan reviewers get an overview of the project. And the return for investment.


  1. The Industry Analysis of the Company provides an overview of the project's industry, vision, mission, and project purpose.


  1. Marketing Analysis is an analysis of external factors, internal factors, market competition, market targeting, product positioning, consumer behavior and forecasting sales of goods and services


  1. Marketing Plan defining the marketing strategy. Both for products and services and prices. Distribution channels marketing communication sales management and product and service warranties.


  1. Improvement Plan for the development of products and services in the future.


  1. Operation Plan, operation strategy, location and operation plan.


  1. Organization Plan as organization chart , management team and responsibilities of various departments.


  1. Business Profitability as financial policy, financial assumptions, income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, investments and returns on financial ratio, performance Sensitivity Analysis and Breakeven analysis.


  1. The Gantt Chart time frame of the operation is different.


  1. Controlling plan to implement in accordance with the plan.


  1. Emergency Plan a backup plan if the operations do not go as planned. Or plan for solving problems that may occur in the future.


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