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Provide service of matching funds.

Mostly SMEs, entrepreneurs have insufficient funds for their business and always have encountered capital problems. Some people have to make money from the informal system. The more interest is paid, the more stressful. Because it needs to pay interest rates from 2-5 percent / month. That is  the interest rate of 5% per month. If we borrow a year, it will be 60% per year (5% x12 months). No business will make more than 60% profit per year, which most businesses will only profit around 20-35%. For this reason, how can entrepreneurs not liquidate?



Funding sources of SMEs are as follows


      Short-term and long-term loans from banks.

      Joint ventures or joint ventures with domestic and foreign capitalists.

      Other types of loans such as hire purchase, leasing, factoring (discount account receivable).

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