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EvE Property Services

  1.House design service / Drawing + Submitting for construction permit

      Design services for townhomes, townhouses, single family houses all size (small, medium, large). And project design (hotel, resorts, housing estate).

      Architectural service for townhouse, town home, residence, factory, hotel, resort, hospital, office building and all high buildings.

      Application for a construction permit.

2. Real Estate Consulting Service.

Provide service of real estate reporting complete. With suggestions and ways to develop real estate projects. By suggesting landowners, project developers, investors and  land appliances in Thailand.

To ensure that the recommendations for each issue are analyzed in all aspects and all relevant issues are important in the future. Marketing and management projects of various developments. With the feasibility study of the project about market studies and compensation for property development in Thailand. And submitting licenses.  


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