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Thai Snack

Crispy Noodles, shredded rice grain (original taste and spicy taste) and durian crackers. All snacks can be stored up to 3 months. Packed in clear jars, inner lid with pull-off air lock / hard outer lid.


Herbal Crispy Noodles

OTOP products, 3 stars guarantee deliciousness with 100% authentic Thai flavors.

Packaging is clear design and modern style with inner lid with pull-off air lock.

 Selected  the best raw materials to get the most delicious flavor, especially  cashews, pumpkin seeds, white sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, soybeans and green beans from production sources in Chiang Mai province. Which has the most abundant underground minerals  to get the crispy flavor, fragrant, and most natural.


Ingredients :

Crispy noodle 70% ,green beans 3%,  soybeans 3%,  pumpkin seeds 3%,  cashew nuts 3%, salt 1%, sauce 5.5%, coconut sugar 3%, ketchup 5.5%, white sesame seeds 1%,  black sesame seeds 1%,  oil 1%.

 Net weight. 155 g.

Manufacture located : 352 , Soi PhetKasem 94 , PhetKasem Road , North BangKae , Bangkok 10160

Primary GMP : manufacture license number 10-1-21460 , FDA number. 10-1-21460-5-0058

Shredded rice grain (Khao-mao)

Selected the best raw material for the best taste. By selecting the rice seeds from the northern region which is the most delicious. Especially in Chiang Mai which has underground minerals. Therefore yielding products that are clearly different from others with the large size.

Selected : high beneficial vitamin B1  B2, rich nutrition from pumpkin seeds example ; eyes care and vitamin A . cashew nuts are high in antioxidants from vitamin E, K and B6  in rich minerals such as copper, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, iron and cinium.

Ingredients :

Shredded rice 75% , dried shrimp 10% , peanuts 5% , kaffir lime leave 5% , coconut sugar 3% , salt 1%,

oil 1%

FDA number 10-1-21460-5-0033

Net weight 175 g.

Durian Cracker

Topped with crispy durian, sweet and flavorful. Munch Everywhere.

 Product details

Topped with crispy durian, sweet and flavorful. Especially with mellow coffee. Yummy and tasty.


Cracker 70% , crispy durian 23% , raisin 1% , pumpkin seeds 1% , glucose 3% , cashew nuts 2%.

 Primary Produce and distribute : Eve Global Trade Company Limited. Under brand “Chujai”

Located 88/248 , Liap Khlong Song Road , Bang Kan , Khlong Sam Wa , Bangkok 10510

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